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July 21, 2022


Assalamualaikum and hi ♡

It's been so long since I stopped by and look at my  blog. I missed writing, how it used to be and now I  barely remember how to write properly, I did write  journals too physically (pouring my hearts out) until I  realized I have trust issues among people around me,  and sadly I just stop writing. Too bad isn't it? should  have kept a living diary so I could re-read it back one  day and in fact, it has been a roller coaster journey of  my life right after high school ended. ohmygod I have  so much to tell to you! and is 5 am now (woke up at 3  am because hidung tersumbat, can't breathe can't sleep  huh) 

It's been so fast, im 19 now!! had my last teen  birthday celebration this month. Had this blog since  2016 I believed. That was long ago when I was 13  years old hahaha. I don't know what to write and  where to start. Maybe I should start over. Just writing  what I feel, maybe? so that I could get back into  writing and maybe improve? because I know my  writing is really bad now hahaha.

I searched for a journaling prompt to talk about so that my ideas will not dry up? at least I've got topics to talk about! and along the way, maybe I will insert more stories about my life in InsyaAllah.

If you have seen my profile picture on the right side of my blog, what kind of personality do you think I have? oh only if I could know what people think of me. Frankly speaking, I think im a shy person in real life, like if im new in a place, I don't think I could not start a conversation with anyone first.

Sometimes I do have this problem, I get so scared to interact with strangers especially when I want to buy something or in stores. is this normal? or is it anxiety? At the same time, I could be so loud with people who I am comfortable with or with my close friends. Im an ambivert which means im half both an introvert and an extrovert. Im in the middle.

I have this one friend, who is super shy around everyone, the one that is super quiet in class. imagine that, but she's not quite with me at all, she's like a 360 whole different person when she hanging out with me and I always find it so mesmerizing to get to know that side of her so I always asked her "kenapa kau dengan aku bising tapi dengan orang lain pemalu sangat?" and she said that "bersyukur la aku boleh jadi macamni bila dengan kau." hahaha she said that its because she's comfortable with me and she could be herself. it is funny but so cool. and then she said to me that im a "social butterfly" person. I blurred because I don't know what it means Ahah (now I know) said that im the one who can easily talk to. :D well, I don't know. 

I tried to be nice with people around me, but you know we are always a Lil bit harsh/clingy with people that we're closed to? that's me hoho. but generally, I think my family knows my real personality though cus im different at home too hahaha. 

I guess that's all from me today.

And how about you? what kind of personality do you have?

comment down below!



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  1. Missing your writting so bad... Keep on Being someone who are comfortable with.. Thats me when im around with the new people... Sometimes even in a tough situation keep on spreading the positive vibe... Its a good start to create a better environment..... The end we are the one who will get effect from it.... :D

    1. hi rosa sayang! i miss my writing too :( you are the one who is always with the positive vibes and i adore you so much for that! my best positive person hehe. I dont know you will read this or not later but i hope you're in a good environment surrounded by good people like youu aamiin.

  2. What kind of personality would I guess, just by looking your picture? I do not know.. that seems hard to answer isn't it? Hehe. If you are shy person, so do I am! Can we even say that to ourselves? ahaha. Despite knowing how loud I am inside my head, I know I am quite anxious meeting people too. Perhaps, this is the problem with Gen Z kids. Things are not too open just like how it used to be and some people tend to keep things by themselves. I wonder is it because they way how we are raised?

    1. well, we can say that to ourselves haha cus we know ourselves better than anyone else! ;P
      oh thats so true, im the loudest in my own head? all of the thoughts i keep inside that no one knows hahah...right, maybe thats one of the factors too, i think many gen z kids arent the type who open up to their family about things they faced/suffered so they tend to keep it themselves (talking bout myself too) XD