My Oral Test Gone Wrong PT3

April 12, 2018

Assalamualaikum..hi! rindu.♡
I've been busy like super busy all day every day with my pt3 life. Its super hard to be active on here nowadays but I did try my best to check my blog every day and at least read a post from my followings

But what I'm going to talk about today is... my Pt3 Oral Test!
It happened 2 days ago! Here is my experience I would like to share as a memory on my blog.

So basically if you didn't know, there are 10 A's for PT3 and one of it is an Oral test for English and Lisan for Bahasa Melayu. Another test is listening test/ ujian mendengar. The marks will be combined together to get an A. The oral test is divided into 2 parts which are reading texts and Oral questions.

My English teacher told that we will do practice for reading a week before the oral test but then..on the same week I have my netball tournament! On the day of the reading practice! I've been practicing for two weeks for this tournament. And so I skipped my reading practice lah. (It was on Tuesday)

On Friday, I came back to school, and there was the English period on that day so I thought I could ask my English teacher to do my practice reading. but she forgot to bring the papers so she told us..for those who didn't do the reading yet.. will have to do it on next Monday ( A day before the real oral test!) and she asked to remind her.

This Monday,
I went to school excitedly to do my reading practice!
But in my English period, my teacher didn't come. it was a relief teacher that came in.
I was like  "Nice la esok oral test, dah la tak buat reading"
I know you will think it is not a big deal but it is! she will give rate and marks so that we can improve our reading before the final day. And I didn't get to do that.

My oral test was at 1.20 p.m.
I had 5 minutes to prepare for my texts.
Then the prefect escorted me to a private room.
Ok, there were two teachers in front of me. Legit sitting in front of me. Looking through my eyes. My English teacher and not my class English teacher Haha. I greeted them with a smile and they didn't even bother to reply or smile! nice.

I sat and read my texts. I was damn nervous that I stuttered a little bit at first but it was okay I guess. Then she started to asked me questions and the topic was GARDENING.

there was only 1 main question but with  "babies questions"

The question was so long and I couldn't even hear it properly
"give a review about gardening, what can u do to blablabla"

Then I just started talking.. really I just talked about my garden.. I have 3 gardens and my family planted many types of fruits plants and so on. (its true)

what type of fruits?
from this point, I started to get blur
I said, rambutan, durian, mangosteen, nang....(silence) jackfruit.
My brain cells were working so hard to google translate in my mind... I wanted to say jambu but "dalam English apa??" so I didn't say it. Right now pun I still don't remember what is jambu in English haha.

literally me

then she asked what are the advantages of doing that. Suddenly I went blank. I wanted to say something like "get closer to each other/like family bond" but I couldn't come up with those words so I just said what's the truth. To make income! haha cuz we're going to sell the fruits anyway.

when will you start gardening?
On school holidays, in the evening.. my family will blablabla

Another teacher then started talking..she said that actually gardening is not planting fruits plants..its a flower plant.. its a hobby...

I was like OMG WHAT DO I DO NOW??
I replied her with "ooh okay"

and then I covered it with saying that I have another small garden in our backyard and my mom planted many flowers plants. (ni pon betul tak tipu)

What type of flowers?
ya Allah. Because I was so focussing on "my garden" i couldn't come up with a freaking name of my mom's flowers because  I didn't know their names! (ignorant) ( I see them every day but never interested in their names hm ) I didn't know their names but you know what, I COULD JUST LIE saying orchid, or hibiscus. Me being so honest. It was silence for a moment because I was just thinking so hard about what to say. I wanted to say "Bunga kertas" because of that's the only think that got into my mind but

"PAPER FLOWER??"     its bougainvillea la syg oi ( i forgot )

that sounded so stupid. I know. I almost wanna say that being nice and honest,
I end up saying " sorry, I didn't remember their names but they're colorful"
that's what I said.

there were 2 more questions they asked but I didn't really remember...

Do you have anything to add more?
Uhm no.thank you.

And then I left. feeling disappointment yet relieved at the same time.

Some of my friends even cried because they know what to answer but suddenly jadi blank and also some of them told me that the teachers even yawned at them while listening to their answers! haha, I was like really..another one, my friend said my teacher even played with an eraser until the eraser fell down and she picked it up back. omg, boring sangat ke jawapan diorang?? lol, thank god when it's my turn the teachers focused on me.

Me, while writing this haha... I'm really not satisfied with how I answered my oral test but the past is past. :)  Next week I'll have my lisan test pulak!
All the best dearself ♡

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  1. goshhhh they're being so hard on you. Dia buat macamtu lagi lah orang nervous habis. Kalau prepare pun bila dah nervous cuak dengan diorang lagi memang tak dapat la cerita dia. Poor you :( Hopefully you'll pass this. Jangan sedih sangat tau

    1. KAN bila dah nervous semua benda jadi blank! yes hopefully ill pass this.. takpe ada listening test nanti i'll try to score that one! :)

  2. I understand your feeling pada masa tu...insyaallah I think you will get the best result for your pt3...btw, all the best tau(≧◇≦)

    1. frustrated! thank uuuuuuuu inshAallah Amin(^O^)

  3. all the best dik.

  4. hai ain datang singgah sini dan follow awak. salam perkenalan :)
    sincerely , farahain zfa

    1. Hi terima kasih ๐Ÿ’— selamat berkenalan!!

  5. All the best dear! InsyaAllah everything will be fine :)

  6. Good luck on your next test dear. ^^ DOnt forget to make unlimited review for the test InsyaAllah Allah will ease.

    Unfold me here : The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zaque

    1. thank u!!! Alhamdulillah i just did the lisan test today and i think i did really well for BM!!

  7. I totally understand what you felt during your oral test !! Memang nervous sangat !! Nadia ambil PT3 tahun 2015. Nadia dapat tajuk DISCIPLINE.. Difficult right ? Serious masa tu tak prepare apa untuk tajuk tu... Nadia langgar cerita itu ini.. Bila dah habis oral test, memang tak nak fikir apa2 dah, just focus on next test.. However, Alhamdulillah finally I got A for my English Test.. WISHING YOU GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST !!.. Past is past, kalau awak tak yakin untuk oral test, make sure untuk score untuk next test okay ??? You can do it ❤

    1. Aww you inspired mee so much thank u!! and motivates me! HAAH NERVOUS SANGAT TIME TU HUHU sampai jadi blank...susahnya discipline!but woW congratss dapat A!! thankk uuu i will do my best for the upcoming test :D

  8. Wow all the best sis. My pt3 was like years ago. I'm the first batch btw. So I can actually understand the struggle. Haha! To be honest, I think the priority is fluency and your ability to answer. If you doesn't know what are the flowers your mum planted, you can come out with reason for it and I think your response was good. At least my teacher didn't play with an eraser back then xD Anyway, all the best! Don't ruin your day with thoughts of this kind regarding an exam which has passed. Well, sebab banyak lagi soalan bagi sakit hati that is to come out in the future (LOL)

    1. i think the first batch must be hard!is it? yess the struggle is real! u think so? my friends said the same thing and im quite relieved about it now hehe :) HAHA i know right i think they were acting because my teacher loves to talk and smile suddenly it was gone the moment we entered the room. haha. ok thank uuuuu for ur kind words :) thats so sweet of you !! baru pt3 belum lagi SPM ! theres so much more to go :)

  9. Oral test?? So creepy because I can't even remember it, because it's was like a years ago.. My bad, by the way all the best okeh.

  10. your english is quite good. and maybe your speaking is also good. that why the teachers remained focus on you. just a guess. hehehe...

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