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Assalamualaikum, hi
I just realized that every time I will update my blog mostly when I have finish my exam haha and yeah, I just finished my final exams..exam akhir Tahun. I messed up badly haha but it's okay it's over. Do you guys realize that in two months, we will be already in 2020?  How does that make you feel?

I could not find a topic to write because I just don't know where to start lol.
There are so many things I want to share on my blog but i just don't know... 

I googled "30 days blogging challenge" and picked a topic so here it goes!

I think everyone must have a place/country they want to visit once in a lifetime right?

So do I.

1. Korea
 I really want to go to Korea! I mean I think Korea has influence Malaysian so much that I think everyone whos into kpop and watches Korean entertainment and variety shows or fantasize about Korea would want to travel to Korea! and that includes me. Hehe.  Aaaaaa then their food! I watched too much Korean food variety shows that I feel like I want to try all of them.

2. Japan
Nak pergi Jepun!! sebab Jepun maju!! pastu technology dia semua gempak. Nak gi Tokyo! Jepun lawaaaa, nak tengok bunga sakura! Suddenly I remembered I saw this pic of longkang dekat Jepun yang bersih dia sampai ikan hidup dalam longkang tu hahahaha.
pastuuu jepun punya sushi macam mana?? nak rasa. Udon, soba, mochi!

Talking about Japan, on 28th August, my school had a program called "Program Pertukaran Budaya" [It happens every year] where students from Japan come to my school and we did many activities to share with them about Malaysian Cultures. Only form 4 takes part and I was one of the chosen ones!

It was only a half-day program but I made a new friend from Japan and that's the coolest thing ever. It was so fun, everyone had a pair and we called them "buddy"
My buddy's name is Aoi and shes super kawaii and shy too. She's 15 years old.

there were 40 japan students and paired with each of us! most of them were 15 or 16 years old. Oh, the funny thing was most of them were using iPhones tau haha. Diorang keluarkan handphone nak selfie sekali iPhone X siot. Nervous haha.  

Everyone has to prepare a gift for their buddy, like exchange gifts! we have to buy something that represents Malaysia or souvenir for them. I gave her a KLCC t-shirt, postcards, and a bracelet! While she, im so speechless haha, she gave me a freaking cute dish corak cherry blossom! dahla kaca, she wrapped it with bubble wraps. then she gave me a soap shaped Fuji mountain haha she explained to me about it, a cute handkerchief and a set of sticker. That was so kind of her! and ada lagi gempak, my friend's buddy bagi dia Nike sack bag tau that would be expensive in Malaysia! haha. 

Anyway, it was a memorable memory ♡
and here some of the pictures!

Saya dan Aoi Iwatsubo

Im wearing baju kurung Kedah that day hehe

We cute

Makan makan :)

3. Paris
People said Paris is overrated and I've read a lot of crimes such as pickpocket happen in Paris but its a dream of mine visiting the Eiffel tower! once in a lifetime pon jadilah! huarrgh it's so beautiful. I even have a poster of Eiffel tower in my room haha. 

4. Mekah
Alhamdulillah, I have a chance to go there with my family and did Umrah for the first time in 2016 which when I was 13 years old. I just wish and pray that it is not going to be the first and the last time im visiting Kaaba. Amin. I could not describe the feeling of being in front of the Kaaba and the whole experience. :') and the first time I did solat jumaat in Masjid an-Nabawi in Madinah.

Those are the four-place I want to visit one day!!
Can't wait to go back to this post one day and say "I have been there!!" hehe

Do you have places you want to visit? 
Tell me about it and why! 
I would love to know hehe ♡


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  1. Wow, wow.. Hampir serupa wishlist place kita tapi tak sama. Semoga dapat pergi satu hari. Impian percutian semua orang, iaitu menziarahi rumah Allah. ^^

  2. Alhamdulillah my first independent trip was going to Korea, and I do have other places in my mind that I really wanted to visit and explore it with my own eyes.

    Europe by train. Road-tripping across USA by car, and perhaps Italy preferably by car because I want to have full experience but that's a just one of my dreams that I know I will never get to have. hahaha
    And of course the Holy Land with my entire family for once.

    1. omg independant trip to korea? bestnyaa..
      that is so specific!! seems really coool..who knows it will happen?? may allah ease everything! In Sha Allah mana tau its going too happen anytime soon sis <3

  3. OMG sama! The most I always wanted to go is Makkah, then Japan. Not to forget, Parissss!

    1. OMG YES! HAHA RASANYA SEMUA TEMPAT SYA TULIS NI semua malaysians nak pergi ahahah

  4. Gosh, when I was your age, dapat naik airplane pun dah seronok betul, x kisah parents nak bawa ke mana, hihihi. Nowadays, taking a flight is so easy & affordable so no place is impossible. May u get to visit all your dream places dear. :D

    1. Haha kan, sya pun grateful sebab dapat travel jugak! Thank you! <3

  5. Alhamdulilah moga berjaya mencapai cita-citanya..
    Sis dalam wishlist memang nak sangat pergi day..
    Tapi kalau travel, nak pergi Jepun, sebab dah dua kali pergi Korea..

    Moga apa yang kamu impikan akan tercapai ya..

    1. in sha allah sis dapat pergi Mekah nanti!! wah bestnyaa asyik gi korea! sya teringin sangat nak sampai korea hahah

  6. Talking about dream place , i have so many place in my mind but its depends on my pocket , tebal ke tak . Hahahhaha . Bestnyaa umur belas2 dah naik plane. Saya umur 23 baru merasa naik plane , itu pun guna duit sendiri n worth it i guess . Saya teringin sangat nak pergi mekah , satu masa tu sampai menangis rasa nak pergi sana sangat2 . I hope one day saya akan sampai sana juga sebelum tutup mata . Doakan saya supaya always dimurahkan rezeki . :)

    1. wah bila naik plane guna duit sendiri mesti rasa dia lain..puas hati and proud kan? sya doakan kak suhana dapat sampai mekah ya!!!! amin! <3

  7. japan best. kene pergi. Hope one day, i also want go to Korea.