Leaving Without Saying Goodbye


Hello, Assalamualaikum♡
Ramadhan Kareem!

Just a quick updates about me.

I just finished my midterm exams and it was really exhausting. what a hectic 2 weeks of nonstop exams.

Every day, I would check my email to see if there's a new comment on my blog because I  don't really check my blog cuz im just "lazy+busy" but then im always here haha.

This is the topic that I really want to talk about.
Best friend. No im not going to spill teas about my friends in this holy month. I've heard enough teas in this month on twitters, Instagram sshh.

Since form 1 until form 3 I have been  in the same class with same people, and I've been blessed to have such good friends with kind souls, annoying ones and I think im also part of that annoying friends haha. I just love my friends. I'm actually quite a shy person if we're not close and I'll be so damn talkative if we're close. With them, I couldn't stop talking lol, dah biasa.

Throughout those times, I've become really close to some.
Going through form 4, we all split. like most of us, there are some in the science stream, account, economy, and business class. Fortunately, I'm in the same class with 4 of my good friends since form 1 tu. and we became like a squad tau. Most of the time we're together.

I also get to know new friends that I've never talk to before, get to know them!
most of them are not matured though and sometimes I just can't tolerate with them haha.
they can't stop shouting macam monyet. but the girls are okay!

And there goes one day we keep talking about how we could actually pindah sekolah and hoping dapat tawaran asrama, kv or anything just because nak pindah sekolah.

By the way guys, I did receive an interview call for KV but I didn't go.
My mom declined it.

The story begins when my friend got the letter of acceptance into KV. I believed some KV didnt have to do an interview and some have to but she doesn't have to go for interview.

And guess what.

She didn't tell us. She did not tell anyone that she got accepted to KV.

And it was a week before cuti seminggu bulan January tak silap.

After cuti seminggu she have to go daftar terus.

I find it so stupid like kenapa tak bagitau. We were all mad.
I only found out about it when it was cuti. she told us in the group chat and honestly, I thought she was lying and tak percaya but it was true.
I don't know what to feel.

she said sorry because dia kata tak sanggup nak bagitau.
what a dumbass eeeee Im still sad and can't get over it until today.

She knew she got into KV on Tuesday, and on Thursday was the last time I see her.
and the thing is on Thursday tu pun I balik sekolah awal tau like 1.30 because I have a dentist appointment. I said bye to all of my friends before I walked out.
Oh on friday ramai tak datang sekolah including me and her.
(dah lupa kenapa tak pergi lol)

Little did I know that was the last time I see her.

So time cuti tu it was okay cuz I didnt think it was that serious or I mean pindah je pun.

but when school started back,

for real la dia dah pindah. rasa lain.

She actually left us letters for each of us.
She passed the letters to my friend.
There were 16 letters for everyone.

I read mine and cried.
Sedih gila.

I know she's not dead but rasa macam hilang kawan bebetul tau. like I never feel this way. Now tinggal the three of us. We all hate her for that now haha.

In the letter she said

" Thank you so much weh for everything dari buruk sampailah yang baik "

I sebak.

She also told me im very special to her.

I sebak gila time tu hahah felt like I just lost a best friend.

Its already May, everythings fine. We all still catching up with her when she's home.
We also wrote her a letter tau sent to her kv on February. Gigih gila. we're the best lol. And letter tu sampai dekat dia. Quite shocked, cuz didn't expect dia dapat surat tu. Her Kv can't bring phones huh.

In conclusion, I just want to tell this story because I want to keep it as memories here.
Definitely miss her so much, and appreciate your friends who are there for you through thick and thin before its too late! eh. Also, dont do dumb decisions by not telling you're going to pindah for real. I would actually tell my friends if I akan pindah and want to see if they will cry for me or not lol.

She left without saying goodbye,
Semua tak dapat peluk one last time.

I miss you Naddy.

Do you have any similar experience?
Would you mind sharing with me?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I have same kind of experience cuma kami baru rapat start Form 3 walaupun 1 kelas dari Form 1.. Then masuk pertengahan Form 4 dia terpaksa pindah disebabkan masalah peribadi.. I still have her letter & we still close until now.. So far she is my best friend from high school..

  2. I have the same experiences. It happened for few times. They only tell me a few days before they move & I'm among the last person to know. Some of my other friends already knew about it. It is very sad when someone close to you did that kind of thing. But life must go on. For me, if someone think that they still need me, I will always be with them but if they think that they do not need me anymore, I just move on and continue my life. Hope you are strong to face all this💪.

    1. i feel the same way too, when you were among the last to know hm.....thank you for your advice sis! there's so much more i will need to face in the future haha im alright for now! xx

  3. I actually understand this very well but my kind of parting is quite different. Bersangka baik dengan Allah. There's always a good reason behind all that happens to you. All that happens is His plan as well as His blessings. In shaa Allah you'll meet again someday. I was once separated with someone closed to me for a long time, trust me it's long and I was heartbroken for years. I finally understand why that happens and couldn't be more happier. But Alhamdulillah, with His will, we were reunited again after so long. It feels surreal but that's what happen. So, do have a solid trust in His plannings for you because it's gonna something better for you in the future. Aamiin

    1. Thank you kak Ray! im so happy for u guys that u are reunited again! i'll keep your words :) amin!

    2. awww you are most welcome sweetie and thank you too. In shaa Allah. Pray for the best and never ever give up in that relationship of yours. take care darling. mmuah

    3. haaha alright!! you're the sweetest kak ray! love uu

  4. Bestnya kalau dapat menulis blog bahasa English...
    Sis sukalah, cuma belum ada konfiden nak menulisnya..

    Sis ada juga Sya, yang pergi terus, tanpa tau apa salah Sis, hingga sekarang...terkilan sangat...tapi move on...kawan datang dan pergi...

    1. hahah sya pun tak terror bahasa english! hentam je broken english but still learning :)
      awwh i hope everything will be okay! kadang kita pun tak tau salah apa tup tap dia pergi camtu je :( kawan yg syg kita will definitely stay by our side :)

  5. Some people found it hard when there time to leave comes so they try to postpone the farewell because they don't want you to be sad. i'm sure that she's been a good friend to you and your friends judging from how she prepared the letters for everyone. Hope your friendship would stay for a long time!

    1. yeaah, thats one of the reasons why she did that :') thank you!!

  6. It’s quite sad that she’s not telling her friends yg dia nak pindah, last2 dapat surat je for each of u guys. Tambah plak, kalau BFF kan? Hehe. But glad that korang masih keep in touch :)

    1. haah its kinda sad :( yup we're still good!

  7. Aww this happens to me too but I was in High School.
    Dia langsung tak bagitau yang dia dapat offer and tak datang sekolah for 4 days baru lah perasan yang dia memang takkan datang dah. But sakit hati jugak bila dia bgtau kawan2 yang lain but not me.
    15 years later, kami berjumpa balik and it was super awkward but we have so many to talk about.

    Keep up what you're doing with your friends and let the friendship blooms.

    1. :'( ni lagi pedih!!
      15 years later..wow, mesti banyak benda yg dikenang..
      so happy u guys reunited balik :)
      thank u sis!

  8. Farewell is always hard but it makes the reunion sweeter

  9. I can feel you. sometimes, we need to let go of somethin' even though that "somethin'" was so meaningful to you. Just move on and keep on chasing ur dreams. Btw, eid mubarak, sweety. ❤️

  10. That must be hurt :(

    Good luck to all of you! <3

  11. still remember those days when i masuk form 4, i'd say i sperate with all of my friends haha.
    in that new class, everything rasa different. perangai classmates and yada yada. at first i couldnt adapt tapi lama2 i loooooove them so much!

    not sure ur friend kinda tkda that strength to tell u guys, but prolly she's too sad to leave. well, same, if i were the one who's gonna move, i'd tell my friends. but, well, maybe she's just not strong enough to tell. but at least she has left those sweet letters kan! <3

    1. yeaah bila masuk new class, everything feeel so different and nak adapt with new classmates haha.. i still dont know if i can handle them. my friends are SO LOUD lol..
      hm maybe. but im so happy and proud when she can survive at her new school :)
      hehee yeass,, keeping the letter forever <3

  12. masuk kolej kadang2 hadap muka org yg sama untuk beberapa semester tp susah nk faham certain manusia yg pergi tinggalkan kita tanpa sebab.

    Maybe ada sebab kenapa Allah jauhkan orang2 tu dr kita :) utk gantikan dgn yg lebih baik. trust me :)

    1. awwwh...stay strong sis <3
      yeaaa mesti sebab tu kan? :')