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Assalamualaikum, hi
It's my first post of 2018! 
yay finally its here PT3 YEAR OH YES MAN  *note the sarcasm
Its only January but I'm already exhausted.
This year, I'm trying to make as many memories I can with my friends despite the business we will be this year! because I'm scared that next year some of my friends are going to boarding school or etc. So what did we plan?

  1.  3/4 of my classmates are going for a camping this March!  (I'm in)
  2.  I join in school drama team 
  3.  I join in school choir team 
  4.  Nak wakil sekolah untuk netball macam last year jugak. 
I know it may sound crazy but that's basically our plans lol. I already registered for tuition which will be starting next week urgh. Okay, lets stop with the school things. let's just pray that everything will be going well for me. Amin :) #roadtoPT3

My blog.
I love blog walking to other people's blogs and read your entries but this month makes me less blog walking and checking my own blog and thinking about it, I might also not be as active like last year because you know what...

But Inshaallah, I'll do my best to make my blog alive because I just love blogging!
My hopes for my blog this year would be more people will checking my blog and enjoy
reading my contents! I would definitely be so happy if you enjoy reading it  :) Oh yaa I'm just so proud of myself because I started this blog (being active) last year legit just for fun and I only have like 30 followers before and now I have over 100+ people who actually like to read my contents wow I'm just speechless. Thank uu! yelah macam.. ada jugak eh orang yg nak baca blog budak ni haha.

It is still in January right, therefore even though I'm quite late, I'm taking this chance to wish you all Happy New Year!

Fun fact; The title means "Enjoy life"  translated from Finnish.
Lets talk; Whats your plan for February? ♡

New Year, 
New Me!

Till next time.
Syasya Izzaty♡

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  1. Happy new year and good luck for the pt3 exam!

  2. study rajin2
    selamat join semua aktiviti dengan jayanya

  3. may all your plans are successful

  4. Gud luck Syasha..great!!keepp going^^

  5. go for it girl. do everything u wanna do but don't stress yourself out okay. have fun in whatever you do.

  6. Just landing here... anyway, good luck for your PT3...

  7. goodluck for your PT3 . InsyaAllah u can do it

  8. Hai Faiq ada buat segmen Pencarian Bloglist. Jom join

  9. goodluck pt3! maklumlah sy last batch pmr

  10. Get ready for PT3, sweetie! Goodluck okay. (≧◇≦)

  11. Heeee thank uuu! Any tips for Mee? (ಠ⌣ಠ)

  12. alahai too young nyeee sebaya la dengan anak2 murid akak =D

  13. Goodluck pt3 awakkk enjoy your study lifeee :)

  14. Study smart and keep blogging.

    I love netball too

    1. Doing my best! And Inshaallah :) netball is fun!

  15. come join another giveaway of mine here yaaa

  16. Good luck for your examination!!!!! <3 Inshallah boleh ^_^ and remember that you'll paid by your effort k? heheh :3 Do as best as you can!

    1. Thank u for ur support! appreciate it so much (*^▽^*)