How Was My 2018?


Assalamualaikum, Hello!
I was supposed to update my blog last month but I didn't haha because I was enjoying my holiday time hehe. Lets reminiscing the good times in 2018.

First of all,


I would like to recap everything that happened in 2018

In 2018, I tried new things that I've never thought I would do such as go hiking! I did hike to 2 places last year which is super cool. I went hiked to Lata Medang which took 2 hours of hiking. 4 hours of walking overall. It is a waterfall place for your information. I was exhausted to the max. But, I can't believe it I did that.  And it was wonderful. Embracing the nature created by God.  I even took so many pictures as memories. Guess what, it's over 500 pictures haha. Hiking is really something else. You get so tired but when you arrived at the peak, the tired-ness is gone.

The main waterfall

bergambar la


we could actually slide here!

The second hiking was at Broga Hill! Very very famous hiking place am I right? it was supposed to be only 1 hour of hiking and not as hard as I thought it will be. We went there early in the morning to watch the sunrise! we started hiking at 6.40 and arrived at the peak at 8 in the morning! Something bad happened. I didn't exercise days before. I should have exercised. And on the day itself, I didn't take breakfast! dumb syasya. So I got tired after only walking for 20 minutes. stomach ache too. Which made it longer to arrive at the peak. Barai.

But I enjoyed the views while hiking! the sky became brighter every min from dark to brighter! Subhanallah cantik sangat. Oh, and we also have to wear headlamp at first because it was too dark! haha.

There are 3 peaks and we made it to the top!

6.45 a.m.

6.50 a.m.

Foggy view at the back!

final peak! made it!

so beautiful

hehe stoking pink



Other than hiking,
for the first time, I went to Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur!
for what? Just following my mum hehe, and there I spend 4 hours watching perbicaraan. Boring and too cold. But you know, it is an interesting thing, there were lawyers! the judge! and victim sitting in the middle of the room. Terrifying.

Usually, I watched lawyers from Korean drama and now I actually get to watch the real perbicaraan. Ada yang sama ada yang tak. Tapi dalam drama tu over sangat la. Haha

When the judge came everyone has to bow! I just followed everyone haha. The lawyers looked smart. After that, my mom and me had lunch at their food court, penuh sangat dengan lawyers, semua pakai coat hitam like im so amazed! macam wow gempak uwwuuuu

No, that's not what I want to tell actually, We were walking toward the food court and suddenly I saw Scha Alyahya and her husband were doing an interview with MELODI haha! serious! They were there. They have issues, you can google about it hahaha. That was the first time I met them and Scha is gorgeous. Tall just like in the picture.

And then we sat at a table. surprisingly, Scha and Awal then came and sat in front of us!
I secretly snapped them and told my friends hahaha.

I have so much more to tell you guys! but these are the new things I did in 2018
eh and bake too! I need to write more! maybe in another post-InshaAllah♡

ps; sorry covering my face, malu.


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  1. The broga hills views r stunning!

  2. I love the way you took the pictures. So nice :)

  3. I wanted to go hiking dekat broga since sekolah lagi but asyik takda masa :'(

    1. ooh i see,hm what about the holidays? mesti ada masa jugak kan heeee i hope you will able to go hiking soon! :)

  4. what a splendid year you went thru.. may 2019 bring more fun and joy =)

  5. Hi Syasya,
    Bestnya hiking... lepas ni boleh join larian pula.. :)

    Akak As singgah & follow sini...:D

    1. hehe thank you follow kak As! sya pun join larian jugak! best dapat medal lawa2!!

  6. I did hiked up Broga Hills but tak sampai peak sbb gemuk sangat agaknya, pancit tengah jalan. Only my friends yang sampai peak. I asked them to carry my camera and snap a few pictures and they did. Hahaha insha Allah one dah sampai lah puncak tu.

    My uncle baru naik pangkat as a hakim baru2 ni. And I did followed him to Mahkamah Ipoh and I get to witness everything too. I don't think I can handle it hahaha it's so slow and boring tbh hahahaha why did I say I wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid? Hahahaha

    1. Hahah its okayy, Sya pancit jugak haha tapi teruskan jugak huhu.. inshaallah nanti sampai one day!! you can do this ! Omg congrats to your uncle! i know right, its quite slow!!!! and boring!! i agree, hahaha lawyer wasnt in my list XD

  7. Happy new year Syasya :) Broga Hill dekat dgn rumah YEA. Pernah g hiking skli sana tp pancit sebab masa tu licin hujan. Kuyup turun bawah walau tak smpai atas. Hahaha. Anyway, bestlah masa Syasya pergi dpt view awan karpet tu. Tak semua hari dia ada. Cantik sgt view dia kan! Hehe

    1. ooh i see ahhaha sya pun pancit jugaaa, haaah cantik sangat! view pagi2 camtu cantik! ooh beruntung la sya dapat tgk awan karpet tu heheh

  8. omg!! What an interesting experiences! I enjoys reading ur post. Love the pic too, btw. Happy new year!! Hoping you'll be happier! Stay strong and stay cute too. :3 Good luck on ur new journey for this year... <3

    1. aww thanks Izzati! yeaah you too babe! <3 happy new year !

  9. I just try hiking one time. The nice thing is when you can see such a beautiful view from the top of the hill but a bit tiring in order to reach there.

  10. i've long tinggalkan hiking and camping now. used to love it but haven't had any time to do so sobs


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