Assalamualaikum, hi
omo omg im so happy today.
today, we had a programme called  "Happyplate"   by Electrolux Malaysia
it's about foodwaste awareness campaign.
Before the programme started we all were given a number each for the lucky draw session and i got no 119. There were QnA, cooking demo, quizzes and last but not least the lucky draw session!
Lepas tu terus doa kuat-kuat "Ya Allah harap aku menang Amin"
It was so fun. I sat with my squad ketupat , Nadrah , Ain and Intan
Lepas cooking demo tu, ada Quizzes session. I tried so hard to angkat tangan nak jawab tapi tak de confident la , tangah pun angkat half je ahaha and lambat sampai Ain pon marah hahaha.

Frust la tak dapat jawab padahal easyy questions je pun.Terlepas pulak hadiah apron tu huhu..
Then, Last session before we ate for lunch was the lucky draw session. Masing-masing check no sendiri la dapat ke tak. Nadrah 105, Ain, 034, Intan, 052 and theres me 119. Tak sure ada berapa kali but tak silap dalam 10 kot cabutan. Sumpah the first 4 or 5 memang no dia start 0 bukan 1 so I dah frust tau. Ain dengan Intan ada chance la tapi tak dapat pon hahaha. And siapa yang dapat tu kena bergambar dekat depan.

 Hadiah dia lumayan gila. and then finally the lucky draw started with 1. I was so damnn ready. and she continued with another 1. Aku time tu dah freak out gila pls be me pls be me. Nadrah,Ain,Intan,Najla  all eyes on my paper. And then she announced the last digit which was 9.weh weh weh ITS ME. Kitaorang jerit gila doh me and my friends. We looked at each other like this. omg omg. Intan : Wow

and then aku berdiri and muka macam ni and cakap

Semua orang tepuk kuat gila especially my classmates la hahaha i can hear it lol. Dengar lagi "syasyaaa!" ahhahahah bangganya. Bergambar and then duduk balik dekat kerusi dengan bawak a big box.

                                       A blender!

There were two choice either a blender or a rice cooker but i got a blander and i'm so happy about it. I googled and guess what the blender cost RM260 ! My whole body was shivering huhu.Will never forget this moment. I'm so lucky. Alhamdulillah ♡

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  1. Alhamdulillah rezeki Syasya! If I be you I will be like that too! Too happy kan?? XD Congratulations, dear!

  2. hahahaha comel gila this post. terhibur baca

  3. Congrats for winning the blender! I've never won anything from a lucky draw competition in my life lol. #sad

    1. thank u kak rasya! hahaha maybe one day! inshaallah.. btw im a fan of your blog hehe

  4. sorry syasya! comment again! I got something for you! I hope you will use it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. comel nya syasya...hehe. rezeki tu. tahniah

  7. Congrats! U are such a lucky girl <3 :D

    Eyqa of The Hundred Pages

  8. wah, best lah.. rezeki kamu dpt blender.. btw tahniah2!