I Made My Own Instagram Face Filter!


Assalamualaikum, hi 
Ramadhan Kareem
Macam mana PKP sekarang ni? semua orang productive tak? buat pe tu? tahu tak SPM Sya tunda tahun 2021! I still could not believe it. I will be taking my SPM at the age of 18! Its mixed feelings. I feel happy and sad too. I want it to be over quickly but at the same time, I feel quite relieved that I have more time now to prepare for it but most of the time now im procrastinating. Help.

Anyway, I know its nothing compared to other successful bloggers out there but it really made me so happy that right now I have 300 people who actually followed my blog to see my contents? it's crazy for me! haha because apparently I just blog for fun but it's not that I don't want to grow my blog or anything. Just didn't expect because all I could remember was having like 100 people following my blog since 2017. I don't even write nowadays but im proud I have reached this milestone eceh. 

Thank you!

During this quarantine, there's nothing much of productive things I do except this one is one of the interesting things I did. I made my own face filter! it was 4 weeks ago and now I finally have content to write on my blog haha! 

Of course, I'm introducing my face filter! and shamelessly promoting it here hehe. Also now you can know my Instagram! uh, malu pula.

Actually, I have never thought of making an Instagram face filter at all until I saw this post from this lovely blogger @AzreenSofia! where she teaches people how to make your own face filter! her filters are so pretty too! and honestly, she inspired me to make mine though. so thank you! shout out to her <3 

Check out her post on how to make an Instagram filter 


Introducing my face filter! : Blue Baby 

Here is the link for you guys to try it out! : ♡ Blue Baby ♡
or you can go to my Instagram profile to find it @syasyaizzaty

The cover

It looks like this ♡
My gorgeous friend using it!

There's no reason behind it, why it is a butterfly, or why I chose it! haha, apparently I just watched the tutorial on youtube how to make an Instagram filter and really just followed the steps. this is the outcome haha. I know its really basic, you have seen this butterfly face filter but but, it's my first time and I'm so proud of it.

I would love to see you guys using my filter! please do try it out! and maybe tell me what do you think of it? if you do want to post it, please tag me using this filter, i would be more than happy to see and repost it in my story! *crying face
so I know you guys are from my blog hehe♡

Save it too!

Frankly, on Instagram, I have like 100+ followers only and really I'm just no one..saya hanya seekor ikan haha but I'm like shocked that there were 15k impressions 
(The number of times this effect has been displayed on the screen, either in the Instagram camera or in a shared story on Instagram) of my face filter after weeks I mean mashaAllah gempaknya.

Then, 1.9k Captures?
(how many times people take snaps/video using this filter) I mean that's crazy to be that many, really. I was wondering, who?? I was thinking it doesn't make sense at all if I'm the only one taking selfies using my own face till 1.9k times! ( I barely only take less than 30 times though!) so it's really mindblowing. *crying face* and the shares too.

 I really don't know who, I could remember like only 10 of my friends promoted my face filter tau hahaha but yes that's just it! how happy I am to see this. 

Thank you kawan-kawan saya guna face filter saya. supporting♡
I hope Ramadhan be generous to you and stay at home, stay safe!
I hope this pandemic will end soon. Amin.

What's your favorite face filter in Instagram? 
let me know! I want to check it out :D


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  1. cantiknya, nak coba dan save<3 ayo bikin filter2 lagi >< :3

  2. Replies
    1. Hahah tu pun sya kena tengok tutorial!

  3. I'd love to try it. I wanted to make one but didn't really had the time for that since I'm occupied with other things.
    It's so cute !

    1. Awwh you should try to make your own filter later sometime! Its really cool :)) hehe thank you!!

  4. waaahhh, tahniah! Ada juga kerja di musim PKP ni. Haha

    1. Hahahah dalam banyak2 menda boleh buat,ni jugak yang sya rajin hahah

  5. tak godek lagi face filter yg ade.. muda lagi umur adik yer..

    1. Banyak face filter yang cantik2 skrg dekat ig :D
      Hehe tahun ni masuk 17 tahun :)

  6. Hi, thank you for the tag! Your filter is cuteeee, I saved it for future use. Goodluck in making more filters <3

    1. hehe awwwh, thank you to youu honestly! and thanks for the follow sis <3

  7. you're creative dear. hihi, it's okay, take this chance to study your form 4's syllabus. Good luck anyways, pretty. <3

    1. Heee thank you izzati!!! 💘💘yeaa Im trying to study right now but haih..🥺😔

  8. Wow, you’re a digital genius, you came up with a cute filter. I love butterflies and I might try using that one too.


    1. digital genius? thats the first time i heard it haha im not!! you're too sweet!
      alright,thank you! <3

  9. Hi i follow your blog wow so nice

  10. Hi, salam kenalan :D
    Would love to try out your instagram face filter soon ;)

    Followed your blog anyway :D #314