Assalamualaikum, Hello♡
How have you been?  Today, now im going to introduce you about this project around the world called  Postcrossing What is that? Whats the point? How does it work? I'm going to tell you everything in this post so make sure you read this untill the end!

Postcrossing is a project that allows you to send postcards and receive postcards back from random people around the world. This is real postcards guys not electronic !
You didn't understand?

It is this simple ; For each postcard you send, you will receive one back from random postcrosser somewhere around the world! For example from Russia, German, Japan and other countries. Exciting right?

How does it work?
To answer your question, ill just leave a picture below for you to see :)

Eaassyyyy Cheezzy. But of course if you want to join this project, you will need Postcard and Stamp (you will need only 0.50 sen Thats it! you can start now 

What is the point?
For fun! Simply because, like its Founder , there are lots of people who like to receive real mail. I'm one of them too. Just imagine you receiving postcards from different places in the world, from places you've never heard of, can turn your mailbox into a box of suprises . Sape tak suka? and from all the postcards you receive, you will learn new things, new information, new cultural, new language, you will improve your English, you can teach your language to the outsider, teach your cultural and so much more. There are so much advantages doing this. you'll know when you do it :)

I've been a member of this project for over 3 years now, which means i started doing this when i was standard five hahah. I swear it is the best thing ever, when you come back home from school, or work and having a bad day suddenly when you check your mailbox there is a beautiful postcard waiting for you to read! and trust me, it will made your day even better♡ i've experienced it. How many postcards do i have now? uhm over 100 postcards hahaha gila kan. Actually my sister started it first and she taught me so now im  more active. Yes it cost money to buy postcard and stamp but if its your passion, your hobby, nothing you have to regret for :D i mean it makes you happy right? and you enjoy doing it.  But for me i didn't have to buy postcard because I got it just for free. From my teacher! plot twist, My teacher started it first and taught my sister and now me, then i taught my friends ahahah we're all crazy about it.You know my teacher has sent over 800 postcards and she already received over 800 jugak lah. Bayangkan. She is also a postcrossing ambassor  Cool right.

How to start

  1. Sign up. Do whatever it tells you to do. you need to write your adress. Make sure you write it correctly. No, they're not going to leak your adress .its private and confidential kan. They will only give it to people who will send the postcard to you. Oh you will need to write your profile. Just write whatever you want to say or you can write what kind of postcard you would like to receive.
  2. Request an adress and a Postacrd ID(when you write the postcard , put the ID so that the person who will receive it can register, means you will know that your postcard has reach to its owner) *there will be limit to postcards you can send*
  3. Mail a postcard to that adress.
  4. Now you just have to wait. Sometimes it only take a week to receive back and sometimes it can take over 60+ days to arrive. But you know, patience is the key♡
  5. Receive a postcard from other Postcrosser! The best part♡
  6. Register the postcard ID you have received.
  7. Go to number 2 to receive more postcards! 
I'm going to share you some of the postcards that i received through this project ♡

Oh this is my profile , it would be like this :)

You can write anything u want as long as its not rude or else the staff will email you!
some of my postcards , i stored  in box
My first postcard ever yet the most beautiful one ever
Look at it. 2013
landscapes postcards :)

*cuteness overload*

from Barcelona and Hong Kong
Also my fav postcard, from Japan


my fav too

  • Oh yaa i forgot, here is the link to go the website Postcrossing

Omg this post is so long hahaha, congratulations if you make it to the end :) I hope this post find you useful and do try it out. If you have a question, just leave it on my comment box, i will reply.
Okla bye , have a nice day and happy blogging♡

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  1. Replies
    1. you should definitely try it! mana tau dapat postcard anime! :D

  2. Amazing, I never know what is postcrossing before, such a great post 'v'

    1. yay, Glad that you know about postcrossing now :D Thank you !

  3. wow.. impressive. You received many postcards from different countries. For sure you have a lot friends, right?

    Nice blog though :)

    1. yes, i've received a lot of postcards from other countries :D yess i do have friends from other countries too. :) thank you!

  4. wahhhhh bestnye dpt random postcard from all over the world ! baru tau psl postcrossing nih. thanks syasya for sharing this hehehe

    Anamizu :)

  5. Tak pernah dapat postcard. Mungkin ini adalah cara untuk dapat postcard lepas ni? :D Thanks for sharing :)

  6. baru tahu pasal ni. bolehlah cuba nanti ;)

  7. OMG MACAM BEST JE hahahaa tercapslock pulak sebab excited

  8. I have an acc but never sent one :p got a little of postcard too (mostly giveaway) but its from my country only. I wish I can have one from other countries.

    Your collection is awesomee!!

    1. Woah reaally! So you know about postcrossing! You should start sending it! You'll get one back in return! :) hahha thank youuuu.

  9. Looks fun! Maybe I should try later.

  10. I came here from your general knowledge entry... omgosh it looks fun though! I want to try it once I'm free for sure, but now I'm quite busy haha

    1. Yayy sure do try it out and experience it yourself receiving postcards from people around the world! :D