My lucky day


Assalamualaikum Hello♡
Something happend today.I think today is my lucky day

im about to tell you what had happend today.

This week tema is about Keselamatan and, it was scheduled that we have a quiz today.
We arent supposed to dicussed with friends but i did it anyway haha.Of course every quiz there will be three winners right? Dah siap buat semua, teacher collected all the papers and gave us back randomly (so basically we marked kertas orang lain not your own kertas). We marked it by ourself.

Then gave the papers back to their owner except for those yang menang. I got 26/30. The first place was the highest which was 28/30 correct. There was only one person got it right so okay lah but second place 27/30 which were holded by 2 person! ha macam mana tu? this is the way how our teacher determined the second place, she lipat kertas tu pastu chong and just pilih rawak HAHA.Dapat la pemenang for second place.

Now for third place. there were 6 competitors. huh.My teacher said yang enam orang ni betul 26/30 and she just about to pick the third lucky winner , i terus told her that i got 26/30 jugak why i got my paper back and tak masuk cabutan bertuah ni ?haha nak jugak syasya ni lol. Teacher suruh bagi la.. So tambah one more competitor which was me ahahah, and then this one guy cakap " kalau masuk pon, xde chance nak menang" how rude. At the end of the day , i just want to tell you, i won. i was choosen.

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  1. you are so lucky. kadang2 tuah tu pun perlu sebagai support kepada usaha


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