#1 Dear diary,today i woke up at 8 a.m. (quite early) and  the first thing i did was "bukak tv"
yup my weekends routine lol.Of course checking the recorded movie and drama ,to check if i didnt miss any recording. Did i said it correctly? u get it? Watched Running Man today! Had breakfast.Mandi and getting ready to go out.

At 10 a.m. I left my house , went to hair saloon, mart, and went to buy my PBSM shirt because my baju dah lusuh gila then balik rumah.I ate lunch (yummy) watched tv again (The jungle book!) that movie is so good ! 4★★★★ from me.

I'm using my computer right now.Maybe after i publish this i will do something productive rather than just watching tv haha.Dont trust the posted time, that is just the time that i start writing hehe. I publish/post this entry everyday  at 5 p.m okay.Bye nak makan pisang cheese.Talk tomorrow!

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