My top 5 favorite things


#2 Assalamualaikum,hello
I have so much things that i love! how am i supposed to make it only to top 5 ouch. Ok  i need to think about this carefully.Erm so here it goess ;

1.My mineral water bottle
(weird right but my air mineral semulajadi GIANT brand is everything , sumpah air ni sedap tak ada rasa! so good HAHA.I bought the whole big box of air mineral giant and bring it  whereever i go!!)tak, ada air mineral yang rasa pahit tau like my  school sells drinking water tak sedap, mineral water pon sama.Ok i know im such a weirdo haha.

I chose TV over Phone. I have no idea why. I think I enjoy watching movie,drama more than using my phone! but kalau tengok kdrama I usually watch it on my phone while lying on sofa hehe (siapa geng?) but yeaah i can actually sit infront of tv for the whole day. #SayakakiTV

I collect postcards from all around the world.How? Go to the link and it will teach you how to send a postcard around the world and at the same time you will receive postcard from all over the world too. Cool right?! Guna money for the stamp *50sen*  i have over 100+ postcards now , i love to know what other people life's in other country is like, i also learn new language and you can share anything you want by writing to the person and omg there are so much more benefits!That feeling when
you just got back home and very tired but  there is a postcard waiting for u in the mailbox saying a motivation!you must be happy right?

My achievment for this year, i finished 8 books in one week !!!  i cant even believe it. Tapi takdela tebal mana buku tu hahah tapi bangga laaa woah.. BOOKS. I prefer Bm story books than bi sebab tak faham la bi hahah and because im so lazy to bukak kamus everytime i didnt know the word.Still have more books to read! love love love

5. My pinky camera
Last one, I  picked the wrong camera colour and now im living in regret. I chose pink over white, (whats wrong with me) (saya tak minat pink) but i still love it.That camera  was a present from my parents!! I took a lot of photographs, made memories , travelog, using that camera ;))

Ok thats it for today, hope you guys enjoy reading this entry :) talk tomorrow. Tutup salam.

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