#10 Assalamualaikum,hello
Nothing much, today when i came to school, lined up in my class row, my friend came up to me (shes a prefect) and said " aku ada hadiah untuk kau" i  about to say something but she just left me hanging after she told me that lol.Its Monday so we have perhimpunan ugh.Habis je, we all masuk kelas, the first subject was ICTL which stands for Information Comunication Technology Literacy (if you dont know) tapi cikgu tak masuk haih.So what i did was finishing my maths homework hehe (maths tak pernah siap) Suddenly kawan tu gave me freaking cute bookmarks! i love books and im sucker for bookmarks hahaha. I was like "comelnya! kenapa bagi?bukan my birthday pon?confused" i said thank you of course.She said she went popular to but glue and wanted to buy herself  keychain but saw  bookmarks and she thought of ME doh hahhah and she got it for me ayayay(ingat jugak kau dekat aku) Terharu .Dah la mahal!!!!!1 im like bazir je!! school ended, and i hugged her♡. thnks rizq .Talk tomorrow

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