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#8 Assalamualaikum, hello

im so excited, so i asked few of my friends what words/phrase do i always say so here their reactions HAHHAH omg  im shook lol ;

MY DESKMATES (kanan) Haha. Noo, when she looks at me she laugh,sumpah apa tah problem dia?! so i said tau la muka aku geli LOL (erm i mean unique) (kau ni) mesti time bila i was so mad or annoyed heee

Deskmates belah kiri! Hahahah its a song lyrics actually, setiap hari nyanyi sampai dia hafal ;D             #Kawansehatisejiwa 

 this is so true ok i admit it. She cant stop touching my face. Why my friends are like this eh HAHA i told her not to touch my face because my face is so damn sensitive :( #Mairis #marahla

SORRY GUYSS, MAAFKAN SAYA, i know they will say this because i do say tak pelah everyday hehehuhu.Idk why. Uhm tak tau la kenapa . Of course they get annoyed but woah they still didnt give up on me! iloveyall.

Rizq said I'm the funniest friend ever, but im not funny.Goodnight.Talk tomorrow.I hope my friends didnt check my blog,err kk bye.

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