Behind My Blog Tittled DS


#7 Assalamualaikum,hello
When you open?click?checking? blogwalking? my blog, you can see the tittle of my blog is DS. (yang kat atas tu)Actually i didnt mean to make my blog tittle named DS!!  before this my blog title was Little Me  then i wanted to changed it (but i forgot what tittle i want it to be hehe) and i end up with DS i have no idea why omg.(i believed it was an accident)(i seriously dont remember why i end up with ds!) then dah lama tak bukak i forgOt how to change the tittle of my blog and i thought maybe DS could be as Dunia Syasya or Diary Syasya I'm so genious HAHAHA so i decided not to change it anymore! :D So ni lah maksud Ds tu ayayyayaya. Thats all from today! Talk tomorrow.

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