#11 Assalamualaikum,hello
Yup I'm getting braces !! im getting braces government punya, swasta tak mampu!. im 14 this year, i registered last year when i was 13 (bulan 8). I thought kalau government punya braces kena tunggu for 3-5 years tau baru boleh pakai(based on what i read from org yg amik government punya) but mineee cepat gila omg.Next week going to be my 6th appointment and i will be wearing my upper braces! i will be wearing invisalign braces (yg clear tu) for my upper teeth, gigi bawah normal braces :) so excited !! i actually did a braces journal everytime i went  appointment :)) I'm not going to tell you everything now but i'll sure do an update what will happen and so on okay. heheee bye. Talk tomorrow.

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