10 facts about me


#15 Assalamualaikum, hello
you dont know i pon dont know
i've done about this before If you notice it. But i deleted that post so im going to do it again hehe.
Its aaaaalll about me :)

1.Im a shy person if we're not close (get it)
2. I love books and i am kaki tv/drama/movie
3. I have the same birth date as MAK NEELOFA omg ahahah (8july)
4. I say "x pelah" most of the time at school
5. Im ugly
6. I love to take photographs
7.I think i am introvert person
8. I collect postcards and stamps around the world (through postcrossing)
9.My friends said im funny and unique (sooo i guess its true hahah)
10. I cant cook hehe

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  1. Point 1,2,4,5,6,7 & 9 sama dengan shaf. "TAKPALAH" tu mmg jadi sebati, walaupun selalu makan dalam, nak marah tak nak, so pilih utk rabak hati berbanding gaduh.

    1. Banyaknya sama!boleh jadi kembar! huhuhu betul tu :')

  2. kalau mya sama sikit je ngan sya. no 1, 4 dan 7.

  3. wow! point number 1,2,7,and 9 same with me XD

    1. Hahaha Right now, I've learned a few dishes! That I can cook haha.. youuu should tryyy cooking too! :D

  4. Point 1, 2 & 4 really same with me. I can only be talkative with someone who close with me. I also love to read books.


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